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Vitamin tree fruit juice 3pack(500ml) [93,000]

  Key Features

비타민나무진액 3팩: 500ml*3팩
식품유형: 과.채주스, 원산지 상세페이지 별도 표기
포장용기: 파우치포장
택배비용: 별도(+3,000원)
식품특징: 남녀노소 누구나 편하게 즐기실 수 있는 천연비타민 건강주스로 새콤달콤하고 부드러우며, 아침을 상쾌하게 시작할 수 있고, 건강한 생활과 밸런스유지에 도움이 됩니다.

Vitamin tree fruit juice

Vitamin tree essence 3 pack: 500ml

Food types: Juice, fruit juice, separate page of the details of the country of origin

Packaging Container: Pouch Packaging

Courier fee: separate (+3,000 won)

Food Features: Natural vitamin health juice that anyone can enjoy comfortably and sourly. It is sweet and soft and can start refreshing morning and helps to maintain a healthy life and balance.

In case of overseas delivery, shipping cost may be added