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[viewwater/Promotion]2018 KBS talent show year-end night event
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2018.12.14 15:10

2018 KBS talent show year-end night event

Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Location: The Yeouido Conned Hotel
Hosted by KBS
Subject: The Korean Actors' Association
a number of sponsors

On December 11, the actors who made this year at the Conned Hotel in Yeouido
A gathering of KBS talent shows was held at the New Year's Eve.

KBS Drama Actors and Actors Guild and
in a meaningful position with the cast of actors
Brisbio was also invited to attend.

The actors and actresses who are trying to improve Korean drama,
With the comic actors, Brisbio always shared and charity.
I've also been cheering for my health and happiness.

Thank you so much for this year.
an actor who has worked hard until today's Republic of Korea.
I'm rooting for all the actors and actresses.
Blissbio Burewater will cheer for you.

We're going to have a couple of senior actors
Choi Soo-jong, Kim Jung-kyun, Bae Do-hwan, Lee Han-hwi, Secretary General Park Yoo-sun
Kang Bu Ja teacher Samiza teacher Yu Donggeun president
With a lot of actors like Jeon Won-joo.
It was a meaningful time.

In 2019 the development of the Korea Federation of Korean Speakers and the support of actors and actresses.
Through our culture together, we have developed Blissbio and
I will support the health and happiness of Korea.

2018 KBS Year's Night
The Blissbio Viewwater is here.

Thank you.
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