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[Beaulings/Promotion] 2018 1st Amateur Golf Association National Amateur Golf Tournament - Beaulings cheer for them!
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2018.10.15 16:58

2018 1st Amateur Golf Association National Amateur Golf Tournament

2018. 11. 2. Friday Shotgun.

Chuncheon theplayersgc
[10 beautiful course] THE PLAYERS G.C
Gangwon Chuncheon City Dongsan-myeon Saesul makgil 438 (Gunjari 1356)

Participants: Amateur golfers without professional qualifications (KPGA, KLPGA)
Number of participants: 160 people (Deposit order closing)

Participation fee: 250,000 won
(Green fee, kateubi, dinner, offering generous prizes such as participation souvenirs participants luxury golf apparel)
(Not included: shade house and caddy costs are not included Settlement by team)
Type of game: New Perio
The total prize worth 20 million won.

Meeting place:
(G) Businesswomen Korea Golf Association bakhuiyoung

Meeting promotion chairperson:
(G) Korean Reunification Leader Association chairman Lee Young - Soo

Organizing Committee Chairman: World Super Model Association President Kang Jeong Hwan

Application: Shin Min-hee Representative 01027853672
(Apply by letter and katok)

Host: Korea Amateur Golf Association / Korean Business World Golf Association
Organized by: Secret Margo K Collection

Beaulings cheer for them!