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[Beaulings/Promotion] The 99th National Athletic Meet Association welcomes US athletes The beaulings were together.
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2018.10.15 16:35

The 99th National Sports Festival will be held in Iksan, Jeonbuk from October 12th to 18th.
The US athletes will also participate in this tournament.

On Sunday, 14th at 6 pm Jeonju Lewin Hotel
It is hosted by Korea Sports Council There was a re welcome ceremony of the US national team
Our Bliss Bio with team executives who came from the United States was also a good time.

A significant place that welcomes US players and you re
We were glad to be able to do together.

Lee Kyu-sung Korean American Physical Education ileum There was a welcoming greeting to the athletes.
You did not forget the words of encouragement to the athletes who came a long way.
Thank you so much for telling everyone who is in the ceremony as well as the overseas compatriots that you can sympathize with.

Mr. Lee Kyu-sung and all the other officers, organizing committee, participating players
Thank you all.

Overseas Koreans who are trying to develop the Republic of Korea far away from abroad
I appreciate all of you for attending the precious time.

Our Bliss Bio also look forward to the development of the Sports Council for fun.

Thank you.