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[Beaulings/Promotion] 2018 Youth Theater Romantic Concert with Beaulings
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2018.09.28 15:46

Youth Theater Romantic Concert

Beaulings participated in a civic cultural event hosted by the Korea Concert Promotion Agency in Gyeongsan City, organized by the Gyeongsan City and the Korean Actors Federation, KFBO.
It was a meaningful event for local citizens who lacked cultural exchanges with citizens and thought about the culture of the community.

The actor, the singers, and the staff members of this event were very impressed with the way they did their best to give a smile to the hot summer for a while.
Through the cultural support and efforts of the community, Bliss Bio Beaulings will continue to support and support people for the fundamentals.

The history we use will surely be remembered.
Korea will also remember.
I will do my best for the culture we have together.

Thank you.

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