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[Beaulings/Promotion] kbs drama with "will live together" team
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2018.09.27 15:55

kbs drama "will live together" with the team July 26, Yeouido kbs annex to the happiness delegation cold bour coffee and confectionery white walnut cake
And it was a great time with Bliss Bio Beaulings.

I'm going to suffer like a pain in the hot weather. Drama shooting team and actor  Donggeun Yoo, Mihee Jang, Jihye Han, Sunyoung Park, Serok Geum, Hoihyun Yeo, Sangwoo Lee, Kwon Kim and staff members and the cast, Writer and director I will cheer for all of you.

I came together to applaud you for your endless efforts in the hot weather every day.
Corporation Chairman of the Korea Federation of broadcasting organizations artist's Dong-geun Yoo, and secretary general
I have a good time with the actors with special consideration. Thank you.

Happiness Chamber of Commerce President Billy Yoon, President Park Kyung Eun,
I would like to thank you so much for your cooperation to support the actors in the heat.

Bliss Bio supports Korean actors who are engaged in social activities.

I am also grateful to all those who work hard for a bright society.

We will do our best to make healthy culture with social activities through Bliss Bio.
Lee Kyung-ho, who suffered especially from the hot weather, suffered a lot.

Be careful with the heat. Bliss Bio will try to be with you.

It is a beautiful day ~~~ ^^ Thank you.

p.s - "will live together" The beautiful and beautiful appearance of the performers' relationship with the performers is met in the drama.
Please do not copy or copy photos of the event.