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'The 10th Jeju Water World Forum' held
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Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Development Corporation (President Gyoung-soo Oh) will hold the 10th Jeju Water World Forum in Jeju, Korea from October 9 to 11 for three days.

The Jeju Water World Forum is held every year since 2009 to explore the academic, technological and policy solutions to overcome the water problems faced by the Asia-Pacific countries and to spread a consensus on the importance of water conservation. have.

This year's Forum on Water and Health will be jointly hosted by Jeju Development Corporation, UNESCO Asia-Pacific Headquarters and Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources.

The UNESCO Headquarters, the CCOP, and the National University of Singapore will discuss about water management and conservation measures for the excellence and sustainable use of Jeju groundwater.

In particular, Jeju Development Corporation is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the launch of Jeju Samdasoo. This year, the water forum will seek to rational use of Jeju groundwater and systematic management plan. I plan to use it.

In addition, KNOC has set up a more colorful and rich program to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the launch of Jeju Samdasoo.

On the eve of October 9, KBS Jeju Broadcasting Hall will hold a 'Water and Health Talk Concert', in which nobles from various fields such as Taste Columnist Hwang Kyo-ik, Medical Doctor Park Yong-woo,
And a concert with Kim Hyung Joong.

The full-scale event will take place in Jeju every two days from October 10th. At the opening ceremony, Cedric Roussel, a member of the French House of Representatives, gave a keynote speech on the "Water Policy Management Policy of France for Safe and Clean Water Supply", and then Professor Olmes Adian, UNESCO, And contribute to international society through geological park programs.

In Session 1, afternoon session, we will look at the UNESCO-operated hydrological program activities on "Global Solutions for Sustainable Water Management" and international cooperation for water conflict prevention in Singapore and the Indochina Peninsula, Discuss ways you can apply.

On the second day of the 11th (Thursday), we will explore the management value of Jeju water for functional value and sustainable use. In Session 2, the theme of 'Water for Health', we will examine the health functional value of Jeju groundwater and the efforts to discover the value of water in Korea.

In the third session in the afternoon, we will examine the status of water use and water management policies in the Jeju area with the theme of "How to make a healthy water cycle society, how to make it?" And discuss the conservation methods for sustainable use in depth .

The forum concludes with a summit talk on the global cooperation of Jeju Water World Forum.

A representative of Jeju Development Corporation said, "I think it is very meaningful that the Jeju World Forum for the 10th time this year is very meaningful." Through this forum held jointly with UNESCO, we will showcase Jeju's advanced water management practices and the value of Jeju water to the world. I expect to be there. "

The eve of Jeju Water World Forum can be viewed without any prior registration. For the forum program, you can register for free at

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