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Vitamin tree R&D

Vitamin nuts are making efforts to develop diverse products such as health functional foods, dog snacks, feed / fertilizers.

In addition, Brice Bio operates a vitamin tree farm to improve quality and develop products.

We are pleased to introduce our product,

Vitamin tree - A perennial shrub that belongs to the berry family that lives on Earth from 70 million to 200 million years ago. China, Russia, Mongolia, Northern Europe and North America. Of these, about 90% of them are covered with the reflection film of Inner Mongolia and the clean plateau of more than 2,000m above sea level

Sea Buckthorn is an English language, and it is said to be a plant that lives in a sandy area with a thorn in the stem, known as the historical drama in Chinese characters. In Korea, it is called a vitamin tree.  

Greek mythology, Genghis Khan and legend have also emerged as miraculous trees, and the former Soviet Union, a developed country of space development, used vitamin nutrition for the purpose of enhancing the health of astronauts and strengthening stress. >

In 1977, it was listed in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia as a medicinal and food medicinal product. It has been used as a commercial drug in the home in Mongolia, Tibet and India for many years.

In the United States, Canada, Germany and other developed countries, it is widely used as a health food for maintaining youth and improving immunity.

Especially in Japan, the demand for skin beauty by protection from radiation and antioxidant activity has been increasing, and research results on its pharmacological composition have accumulated.  

Vitamin tree, which not only prevents damage to the natural environment due to its remarkable vitality, but also contains a wealth of natural ingredients beneficial to the human body, greatly contributes to the health of human beings. .