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[Beaulings/Notice] Lunar New Year's Day Shipping Notice
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2018.02.06 13:54
Hello, this is Bliss Bio.

Beginning Friday, February 9th, delivery will be suspended due to the courier situation.
This is to inform you that you can place an order during the week, but you can ship it from February 19.

Please understand that counseling and other services are not available during the Lunar New Year holidays.

See below for details.

■ Reliverer's closing period : Feb. 9 (Gold) to 18 (Day)

■ Golden Tree Closed Period : Feb. 15 (Gold) to 18 (Days)

■ Information

- Consultations or other work may not be permitted due to absence during the period.

To make your shopping easier and easier, Brice Bio is constantly updating.
I will try to be a better service. Please give me constant affection and attention.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at the Customer Service Center at ☎1544-2750.

Thank you. :)