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[Beaulings/Notice] November 2017 Credit Card Company partial interest-free installment event
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2017.11.02 17:31

Welcome to the November 2017 Credit Card Company partial interest-free financing event.
See below for details.

1. What is partial interest-free installment plan?
- The payment customer pays part of the first to third round fees according to the installment period, and the rest is the format that the card company pays.
※ Note : Interest-free installment plan is the format where the card company pays the entire fee and differs from the partial interest-free installment plan.

2. Note
- The event may be stopped or changed depending on the circumstances of the credit card company.
- As part of an interest-free installment plan, it is not displayed without interest in payment window as it is an event for members who apply for ARS.
Interest-free store charges take precedence.